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Destination Weddings are fun and unique but they often leave guests and couples scratching their heads because they are not the traditional at-home vow exchange. We're here to help answer all of those questions for you! 


When should we tell our guests that we're having a destination wedding?

It's important to let your guests know that you'll be having a destination wedding as soon as possible so that they can start to make arrangements to attend. 

Should we send save-the-dates? 

Save-the-dates are more important than the wedding invitation when planning a destination wedding. This notifies your guests of your travel arrangements and gets them excited to attend. At Bea Amazed Weddings, we know how important this is. As a client of ours, you will receive complimentary save-the-dates to send to your guests. You will also receive a complimentary webpage to inform your guests of your plans where they can make easy payments and review trip information. 

Who should we invite to our destination wedding? 

That's up to you! This question should be answered in conjunction with deciding on a budget. Some venues and resorts have a limited number of people that can attend. Make sure you communicate with your planners in regards to how many people you would like to attend to make sure that the venue will accommodate your group. There is no limitation on how many people you can invite and we have destinations, resorts, and venues that hold groups of all sizes.


Can we still have a shower if we're having a destination wedding?

Of course! Most of our destination wedding couples decide to host a shower. 

Can we register for a honeymoon since we're spending the majority of our budget on our honeymoon? 

Yes! At Bea Amazed Weddings we offer a complimentary honeymoon registry to our clients who book a honeymoon through our agency. This can be a great way to off set the cost of your honeymoon celebration. Our registry does not charge fees to the couple or the contributors either. AND we provide you with complimentary registry cards to include in your shower invitations directing people to your registry. 


I've been invited to a destination wedding. How much should we expect to spend to attend?

Congratulations! Attending a destination wedding is an incredibly fun way to celebrate a wedding and relax on your own vacation. Destination weddings vary in cost. Ask the couple for their wedding webpage address to learn more information about pricing. 

What should I wear to a destination wedding? 

This question can also be answered on the couples webpage. Just like at-home weddings, attire varies by the celebration that the couple has chosen to host. 

What is a "beach casual" dress code? 

Beach casual means that the couple would like men to wear casual pants or shorts, open toe shoes are permitted, and a collared or button-up shirt. Short sleeves are acceptable for men. Women may wear sundresses and sandals. 

What is a "beach formal" dress code? 

Beach formal means that the couple would like men to wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and a jacket. Women should wear long dresses with formal shoes. Open-toe shoes for women are acceptable. 

Why should we book through the couples group rate and not on our own? 

This is a great question! The couple has worked with an agency to come up with a reduced rate for your attendance and extra amenities that you may not be able to get if you booked independently from the group. In addition, the couple has made an agreement with the resort that their wedding ceremony and reception arrangements will only include the people that have booked through their contract. Guests who do not book through the contract may not be able to attend the actual wedding celebration or group activities like excursions and may even be charged additional fees by the resort to attend the wedding events. Please talk to us prior to booking with an outside source. We'll do our best to make sure everyone is happy and accommodated for!


Can we help contribute to our son/daughters destination wedding?

Absolutely! Feel free to call or text us at (570) 599-1754, email us at, or send us a message through our social media accounts. We will be happy to walk you through the process.

I never envisioned my son/daughter having a destination wedding. 

Hearing that your son or daughter has chosen to celebrate their love in a destination and not at your home church or closer to home can often bring mixed feelings to parents. We can assure you that a destination wedding is just as much a customized celebration as an at-home wedding. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to become involved with the planning to help the bride/groom. 


Should we include children in our destination wedding celebration?

That's up to you. This should be decided upon before you chose your resort as some resorts are adults only. Communicate with people who you want to be there the most that have children to see if they will be willing to attend a wedding without their children. 

Should we have a religious, symbolic or a civil ceremony? 

This is an intimate decision that should be made between the two of you. Consider location when planning a religious destination wedding. Some properties have churches on premise while others do not. There are often stricter requirements when choosing to have a civil ceremony (sometimes referred to a a legal ceremony). These requirements depend on the destination that you've chosen. A symbolic ceremony is the most popular type of ceremony couples choose to have. Couples who choose to have a symbolic ceremony will typically get married in front of a judge or priest at home out of formality and then celebrate with a symbolic ceremony with their friends and family at their destination wedding. Talk to your wedding planner at Bea Amazed Weddings for more information on which of these options would be best for the two of you. 

Should we have a destination wedding? 

We have an entire page devoted to answering this question!! Check it out here

Should we plan a group excursion? 

You can! Many of our couples find that spending time together with their attendees is one of their favorite parts about having a destination wedding. Planning a group excursion can be the perfect way to relax and have fun together as a group. 

Which is better, all-inclusive or ala carte? 

The answer to this question depends on what the couple is looking for. Most resorts offer wedding packages but each of these packages are typically customizable to the couple's tastes and vision. Ala carte weddings are totally unique and built from the ground up. 

How much do your services cost? 

Our basic services are free to you. We do offer enhanced packages for more complex destination weddings and the option to attend to coordinate your entire event in destination. We never charge surprise fees. All of this information will be provided during your initial complimentary consultation. 

Should we host a welcome party? And do we need to give out welcome bags? 

A welcome party is a great way to welcome your guests to the destination and say thank you for coming. Although guests appreciate receiving welcome bags, they certainly are not essential. 

What's the difference between a semi-private and a private reception? 

A semi-private reception is typically held in a venue on the resort property that other people may also frequent. Resorts typically work to make sure that your event is as private as possible, but you still may see other people nearby. A private reception is just that, completely private to you and your group. There are often more opportunities for customization with private receptions as well. 

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